Custom Made Shoes

For people with any kind of food deformity, it may be very difficult to walk in any kind of shoe. This is because the shoes we have today aren’t really designed so as to accommodate conditions such as arthritic feet, diabetic feet, hammertoes and bunions. Sometimes a deformity may get very severe and you may have to invest in these shoes so as to relieve any pain that comes with the condition. There are situations when it may be totally necessary to invest in a good custom made shoe instead of a ready made shoe. There are factors that can help you to determine when you should have such a shoe made and they include:

  • Deformity in the foot: when you have a condition at the forefoot, you can accommodate this using custom-made footwear. When there is severed heel and mid-foot deformities, you can get custom made shies to help with these.
  • Foot size: if you have different foot sizes and especially when the difference is very significant, you should definitely go for a custom made shoe instead of wearing two different sizes for each foot. Such shoe can hide any sorts of internal lifts and also accommodate edema.
  • History of treatment: In treatment of foot deformity with orthotics and in-depth shoes, it may be recommended that you invest in shoes that are custom made for you.
  • Sensation: when you have neuropathy that is in its advanced stages, you should have custom made shoes. These can really help to reduce the chances of skin ulcers. If you have any kind of deformity of your foot and you are not able to find a good pair of shoes at the store, you should talk to your podiatrist so as to have shoes custom made just for you.

Even without any deformity, you can still have a great shoe made for you. Custom boots are also created today and you can have them add any details that you prefer.